It does that by raising the concentration of glucose and fatty acids, thus producing IGF-1. It’s anabolic effects have been known for a while now, with first confirmed use being at 1982 and because of the major advantage it gave to the athletes who used it against the others it was banned from use in the Olympics.

The secretion of the hormone depends on many outside factors, including sleep, exercise and nutrition, but most importantly by age. As a kid your body will secrete HGH at about 700 μg/day, while an average men will produce only 400 μg/day. The major factor in the amount of HGH release is the sleep and if you are not getting enough this will suppress the production of the hormone greatly. Even with a good amount of sleep and nutrition, sadly the amount your body produce will not always be enough for your goals, luckily it is possible to acquire the needed HGH throw different options, with the most popular and effective being in a pill. It is a FDA approved drug, meaning that the products have undergone a strict testing and the result are positive, without or with minor side effects, with the most popular side effect being a injection-site reaction. This is one of the reason why HGH pills are preferred and safer way to intake the hormone.

Beside FDA, the HGH received a lot of attention from different scientist with a few medical journals and reports already being released. The oldest medical journal that talked about the positives of the drug is New England Journal of Medicine, where it was used on 12 men above 60 years. In every single case, the men showed increased body mass and bone mineral density. However, the test group also showed significant improvements in other areas, especially reducing cholesterol levels, with the scientist believing that the HGH can also be really good anti-aging agent. Another scientific research, this time by Stanford, published in 2007 proved that the use of the hormone by the test subjects increased muscle by 2 kg and decreased the fat by the same amount. The patients also showed reduction at hair loss and better brain function with improved memory and more effective sleep.

Another advantage of the Human Growth Hormone is the fact that it builds up connective tissue within muscles, which is believed to increase your injury resistance, which is a reason why this product is recommended to a lot of people who come back to fitness/training after an injury. This added to the fact that it is proved to increase your muscle mass and boost your strength makes it vital part of the fitness stack of anyone who is a serious bodybuilder.

Of course it is only a part of your stack and won’t produce magical results by itself. It is recommended to intake the product with other products like Winnidrol, Clenbuterol and Paravar.