Way cooler by the Lake!

BRADFORD BEACH YOGA presented by Elite Fitness

Bradford Beach Yoga returns on to the beach each Saturday starting June 4th at 8am.  Elite Fitness has returned to partner with Bradford Beach with Yoga master instructor Tom Feest.  This is a one hour class teaching the Vinyasa Flow Yoga method.


Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a flow of poses with synchronized-breath as you move from one pose to the next on an inhale or an exhale. This style allows for a lot of variety, as the class could be fast or slow with plenty of movement, not just stretching. The Elite Clubs Yoga master instructor Tom Feest will provide detailed illustrations to keep your yoga practice interesting, giving you knowledge to progress weekly.

All class members must bring their own mat.


All class members must register prior to class. Elite members are to present their membership card.  General public to present receipt of class purchase from the beach house to the instructor prior to class. For more information on Elite Fitness Beach Yoga, please contact Tom Karrels of Elite Fitness at tomkarrels@elitecubs.com, 414-651-8152.  Or contact Katie Tibbets of Bradford Beach at bradfordbeachmke@gmail.com or 414-795-9943.

Start Date: Saturday, June 4th  
Completion: Saturday, August 27th  
Hours: 8:00am to 9:00am  
Trainers: Tom Feest, Yoga Master, Elite Fitness.
Class Description:

Each Saturday starting June 4th at 8am.  Class last for approximately 1 hour.  Last class will be held on Saturday, August 27th.  Participants are to arrive at the beach by 7:45am at the Bradford Beach House Concession stand and await instructor to determine location of class.  Class could be held either on the beach or on the beach house, depending on the weather.


All class registrations are purchased at the Bradford Beach House concession stand.  Please contact manager Katie Tibbets at 414-795-9943 with any questions.


- Free to all members of Elite Fitness.  Must present membership card to instructor.

- Single Class:  $5.00/person

- 5-pack:  $20/person

- 10-pack:  $40/person

- Season:  $60/person

All class fees can be purchased from the Bradford Beach House concession stand prior to each class at 7:45am.

Contact Information:

Katie Tibbets, Bradford Beach, 414-795-9943, bradfordbeachmke@gmail.cm

Tom Feest, Elite Fitness, instructor, tomfeest@eliteclubs.com

Tom Karrels, Elite Fitness, 414-651-8152, tomkarrels@eliteclubs.com
Class Location: In front of Bradford Beach House near the water
(Second floor patio @ the Bradford Beach House if raining)