Way cooler by the Lake!

2011 Bradford Beach CrossFit Training Class with CrossFit Greendale

Bradford Beach and CrossFit Greendale are pleased to bring you the revolutionary fitness program, CrossFit, to Bradford Beach.  Classes will be offered each Saturday morning at 9am starting May 21st.  Classes will be taught by certified CrossFit trainer Frank Colavita, owner of CrossFit Greendale.


The goal of Bradford Beach CrossFit will be to guide you in the attainment of your maximum "general physical preparedness".  In other words, we will help you to become physically prepared to handle whatever "life" throws at you.

Crossfit utilizes some common and some not so common exercises. You will be able to measure your level of fitness throughout the 18 week program.

CrossFit is measurable and scalable so we may all workout together.  Our needs, and the needs of elite athletes, differ by degree, not kind.


Join us at Bradford Beach, Saturday mornings from 9am-10am and learn what your body is truly capable of.  Class size will be limited to 25 participants.  If the 9am class fills up, we will hold a 10am -11am class.  The first class will be held on May 21st, 2011.  Sign up with a friend and reserve your spots. Online registration not required but recommended.  ALL PAYMENTS MADE AT THE BEACH MUST BE CASH.

1 class-$15
5 class pass-$60 ($12 per)
10 class pass-$110 ($11 per)
season pass- $180 ($10 per)


A percentage of proceeds benefits Bradford Beach and Milwaukee County Parks.

To be sure you reserve a spot, sign up and buy your pass at www.crossfitgreendale.com, under the schedule tab you will be guided through your CrossFit experience  by licensed and insured, certified  personal trainers and CrossFit level one trainers.

You will learn and the Olympic lifts (clean, jerk, snatch) swing kettlebells, drag sleds in the sand and on pavement. Climb and swing ropes, flip tires and do handstand pushups, just to name a few.  We will provide all the equipment necessary, all you need to do is bring the intensity.



Please contact our certified trainer Frank Colavita at:

CrossFit Greendale
6655 Industrial Loop
Greendale WI 53129
(414) 377-8086