Anadrol is one of the most powerful steroids available in the market. The steroid mainly contains Oxymetholone and is highly anabolic. In fact, it is considered the strongest among prescription steroids. The oral supplement is not used as a base steroid but as a secondary addition. You can use the steroid with other compounds such as Testosterone and Trenbolone.

Anadrol was first introduced in the market in the early 1960s. The steroid was marketed as a treatment for various ailments including chronic underweight, gastrointestinal disease, anemia and various catabolic diseases. Initially, the compound was produced by two companies. However, since 2006, the supplement has been manufactured by only one company: Alevan Pharmaceuticals.

You should use Anadrol as a secondary steroid in your total stack. The steroid is best used for kick starting i.e. the time when you would like to begin gaining mass or during the off-season phase. When the steroid is taken during this time, you will experience rapid mass gains as the injectable steroids build your system.

Another good time of using the steroid is during your mid-cycles. If you have been using muscle gainers for some time, you probably know of the time when you do not make headway in your quest for more muscles. When this happens, you usually need to change your diet or workout. You can also introduce a powerful anabolic agent to boost the muscles and help you gain weight. This will be a good time to use the supplement.

Anadrol Dosage

Generally, Anadrol stays active in the body for about 16 hours. This means you have to take the hormone daily for the best results. If you are just beginning muscle building, you can take a dose of 50mg per day for 4 to 6 weeks and achieve great results. However, the steroid is hepatic and when used for a long time, can strain the liver. Therefore, you should avoid using the steroid after six weeks.

If you have already realized significant results after using the hormone, you can increase your dose to reach up o 100mg per day. This should only be done if you have been able to control the steroid’s side effects. Still, you should know that the more you increase your dose, the greater the chances of having to deal with side effects. This is usually the case with most anabolic steroids. However, as the side effects increase, so do the results of the steroids.

Anadrol has a typically sharper falloff point. This means that at a certain dose, usually 100mg, taking more of the steroid will not lead to greater results. Moreover, taking higher doses of the steroid can suppress your appetite and inhibit your quest to gain mass. If you take a 100mg daily dose, you should limit your intake of the supplement to four weeks.

Where to Buy Anadrol

You can easily buy Anadrol on the Internet. However, in the US, you cannot buy the Anadrol 50 brand without a prescription. There are however other high quality Oxymetholone brands you can buy without a prescription.